About Us

We have Qualified & Competent engineer .

About Us

Smartlink System is dedicated in system supply and PC maintenance and Printer services since last two year,Qualified & Competent engineer for Windows/Internet/WAN/LNUIX/TCP-IP supports/DOT Matrix Printer/Laserjet Printer /Ink jet/Printer /Passbook Printer.

Why Choose Us?

  • Response time is less than one-hours.90% update guaranteed.
  • Tailor made Scheme /resident engineer facility available(for more than 5 machines).
  • Qualified & competent engineer for WIN10 / WIN8.1 / WIN8/ WIN7/ WIN98 / WIN 2000/ WIN XP/ WINNT/ WIN 2003 SERVER / INTERNET / WAN / LNUIX / TCP-IP supports / DOT Matrix Printer /Laserjet Printer /Ink Jet Printer /Passbook Printer.
  • Fully equipped lab.chip level repairs for Logic cards,SMPS,TFT/CRT/ Monitors /Printer.
  • Separate cartridge refilling and reconditional unit.
  • Wireless Connectivity up to 50km.
  • Expertise in large Scale Printing solution like Line Printer ,A3 Size Printer,Plotters,Image Setter and CTP.
  • Regular preventive maintenance is essential for the trouble free working of any computer system.
  • Smartlink System considers preventive maintenance to be most important aspect of its computer maintenance program.
  • Cleaning of Dot Matrix Printer and lubrication of carriage drive and all other moving parts as per manufactures specification.
  • Cleaning of printer as well as head / moving manual parts to increase head life.
  • In short ,Smartlink System Gives your PC the care it need to go on working for you without any trouble.

Asia Powercom Pvt.Ltd.Authorised Service Center,Chandrapur.